Dining To Donate: Terms & Conditions

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We understand that our group must be show proof of eligibility (501c3 status) upon request and that we are required to distribute Dining to Donate event flyers to supporters of our organization in advance of our event night to encourage attendance so that we can raise funds. Flyers are not to be distributed in the restaurant or within the perimeter of the parking lot. Doing so will result in a voided event.

Flyers must be given to server in order for the organization to receive credit.
Look for the ***D2D*** icon on your final receipt to verify 10% of your bill has been donated to your organization.

Donation percentage excludes tax and tip. Gift cards and 1/2 price appetizer purchases are excluded from donation percentage.

*Please note that the information you enter in your request is used to pay your group by check. Please write out the organization name exactly as you'd like it to appear on the check and please enter the full mailing address where the check should be sent after your event. Entering incomplete or incorrect information may result in a delay in payment to your group.*

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